Legal Services from Carolyn Buppert

Advice for medical practices, hospitals and academic institutions on

  • Getting third-party reimbursement for physician or nurse practitioner services
  • Avoiding charges of improper billing of physician or nurse practitioner services
  • Evaluating and altering business structure
  • Negotiating and drafting contracts
  • Auditing of billing and documentation for hospitals, facilities and practices for internal compliance purposes and for risk management and training purposes

Legal documents for for-profit and non-profit corporations

    • Contracts – managed care contracts, vendor contracts, service contracts, employment contracts
    • Corporate documents
    • Trademark applications
    • Tax-exempt status applications

Advice for individual clinicians

  • Negotiating, drafting and reviewing contracts
  • Starting a new business
  • Business consultations
  • Systems for efficient use of nurse practitioners in health care systems

Systems for

  • Training clinicians on billing and coding
  • Avoiding malpractice
  • Complying with Federal rules in billing nurse practitioner services

Presentations to medical/nursing groups on

      • Covering your legal bases
      • Prescribing: Avoiding legal pitfalls
      • Avoiding malpractice
      • Reimbursement for nurse practitioner services
      • Avoiding fraud
      • Negotiating employment
      • HIPAA patient privacy regulations

Recent consultations:

  • Large academic medical centers
  • Community hospitals
  • Specialists’ offices
  • Primary care practices
  • Home care agencies
  • State nurse practitioner organizations
  • A certification organization
  • Corporate office for network of nursing homes
  • Physicians negotiating employment contracts
  • A nurse practitioner who had been sued for malpractice
  • Nurse practitioners being investigated by a Boards of Nursing