About Carolyn Buppert

Carolyn Buppert is a health care attorney. Her legal clients include medical practices, institutions, non-profit organizations and individual clinicians throughout the United States.

She is the author of nine books:

Frequently Asked Legal Questions Keeping Nurses Awake at Night (2015) provides answers to questions nurses have asked of the author over the past few years. Every day, nurses must make decisions with legal implications. Often they do not have access to legal counsel. This book provides a framework for analyzing situations and making decisions that protect the nurse’s career as well as patient safety.

The Nurse Practitioner’s Business Practice and Legal Guide (2017) focuses, specifically and in-depth, on the legal and business issues that nurse practitioners face.

The Primary Care Provider’s Guide to Compensation and Quality: How to get paid and not get sued (2005) addresses billing and coding choices, avoidance of fraud charges, and systems for maintaining quality in practice.

Productivity Incentive Plans for Nurse Practitioners (2016) describes the methodologies being used to reward nurse practitioners for generating revenue and increasing quality of care.

Prescribing: Preventing Legal Pitfalls for Nurse Practitioners (2017) provides detailed recommendations on how to avoid medication-related mishaps, including inappropriate prescribing of controlled substances.

Avoiding Malpractice (2017) analyses 20 cases against NPs and provides systems for preventing similar lawsuits.

Negotiating Employment (2016) walks NPs through the process of preparing, probing and proposing a compensation package.

Billing Physician Services Provided by NPs in Specialists’ Offices, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Homes and Hospice (2017) provides the complicated Medicare rules on billing for NP services as well as advice on dealing with private payers.

How to start a health care practice: For nurse practitioners (2008) provides detailed advice on practice start-up.

On her YouTube channel, she briefly discusses various legal issues affecting nurse practitioners. She is a frequent contributor to various health care publications. She is on Medscape’s panel of experts. She writes a “Legal Limits” column for The Journal for Nurse Practitioners.  She lectures extensively on a variety of medical-legal issues.